Vegan Key Lime Pie Bars

Key Lime Pie Bars

I’ve never been much of a pie person. I rarely eat it and I make it even less often, mostly because of how I feel after I eat a slice. I’m not saying that cake is light or healthy, but even with a strong tolerance for rich desserts, a slice of pie (especially cream pie) can put me down like nothing else. Case in point: a few weeks ago, I ate a slice of coconut cream pie and immediately wanted to take off my pants and lay down on the floor for the rest of the afternoon. Totally not worth it, especially for mediocre pie.

My outlook on pie changed a few weeks ago when I went to Oregon. I had heard about these raw vegan pies that were sold at the Portland Farmer’s Market on Saturday, but I was in Portland for only a couple of hours on a Friday night (you can read about the road trip debacle here). After some research, I was able to locate a key lime pie at a Whole Foods, and have been completely infatuated with recreating them ever since. The texture was so creamy, and not at all what I expected from a raw vegan dessert.  Did I mention that they are mini? Even better.

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Individual No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecakes

Strawberry Cheesecake

It’s 105 degrees today in Dallas. I know it’s cliché, but the last thing I want to do is turn on my oven, and I’m about to add another no bake dessert to the vast expanse of summer recipes on the internet. Plus, I love these mini pie pans, and have been looking for excuses to use them more often.

The good news about this recipe is that it’s easy to make, super quick, and extremely delicious. My fiancé, who is fussy about desserts, devoured these and has been asking for more. The bad news? Well, I can’t think of anything bad about strawberry cheesecake, can you?


If you can, I would recommend using organic strawberries since they’re the main ingredient in this dessert. Better strawberries=better cheesecake.

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Individual No-Bake Key Lime Cheesecakes

Individual Key lime cheesecake

Hello, friends! Today, I’ll be sharing a post over at the Best Friends For Frosting website. No bake desserts are a favorite of mine in the summer, and you know I’m a sucker for anything miniature, so these individual key lime cheesecakes are right up my alley. I found these 5-inch mini pie pans recently, and have been eager to put them to good use. For a super easy and refreshing summer dessert recipe, click HERE.

Chocolate Cream Pie
















I have made a lot of cakes in my lifetime, and probably more cupcakes than I can count, but when it comes to pies, I am still a novice. In fact, I made my very first pie last Thanksgiving, and it was nothing short of a disaster. Thank goodness a mound of whipped cream can cover up even the most glaring mistakes. Recently, I had an insane craving for a chocolate cream pie. I just could not get it out of my head. I was so desperate, I thought about getting a store bought crust and some instant chocolate pudding to fulfill my craving, but I wanted to attempt a scratch version at least once before going the easy route.

After doing some research, I came across this recipe on Saveur’s website, and the picture completely sucked me in. This pie contains 2 sticks of butter, 9 egg yolks, and lots of half and half and heavy cream, but it’s totally worth every calorie. Bikini season is a long way off, anyway. It’s also worth the effort that it takes to make it. The texture is silky but rich, with an intense chocolate flavor that you just can’t get from a pudding mix. Keep in mind that the tastiness of this pie is directly proportional to the quality of the ingredients that you use. This is especially true for the chocolate, since that’s where most of the flavor comes from. I used a combination of Scharfen Berger 62% and 70%, but you can use any good quality chocolate you like.

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